KOOPS, A solution that takes care of your Field Staff

Have you ever thought of hardships faced by your Field Staff while traveling and building customer relationships

  1.    Traveling and route planning efficiently and without wasting time
  2.   Trying to get customer information
  3.   Taking sales orders manually
  4.   Relaying sales orders to back office manually, either by phone or fax
  5.    Making phone calls arranging customer meetings
  6.   Trying to find out the account status of your customers, if they have a bad debt, how they make their payments
  7.   Getting past the gatekeeper/decision maker

Clients do not come first. Employees come first.  If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients. – Richard Branson

6 Signs That Tell You It’s Time To Invest in Sales Force Automation Software

Mobile technology is emerging as a boon to turn processes into systems. Employees are getting more and more empowered with mobile applications that help them get visibility into the day to day activity and sync them with real-time information from their organization. If you’re not considering a field Staff Automation solution with a mobile component, you’re already far behind your closest competitor!

Today’s mobile devices equipped with cloud technology and GPS close the loop to save time, eliminate unnecessary re-entering data, and communication between back office, customer and field staff.  To improve customer’s satisfaction and decrease field staff problems a Sales Force automation software has become a basic need.

Question is what is the right time to Buy/Implement Sales Force Automation Software. Following are the right signs to go for this software:

  1. When tracking your field staff becomes a lengthy process

If you find yourself juggling between multiple phone calls and follow-ups of your sales staff which sometimes is very annoying and time taking process then it is the right time to opt for a Salesforce automation software. GPS based mobile app automatic reporting will be very useful to check the working and current location of your Sales Staff.

  1. You see a drop in productivity

If you find your team spending time on the same low-value tasks repeatedly, it’s time to use a solution that lets you optimize your time by optimizing your collective effort.

  1. You encounter a mismatch in targets set and achieved.

Most businesses fail because the people have mismatched by setting or achieving the wrong targets. An appropriate target management feature is very important to notify managers and field staff to set and achieve targets.

  1. Your team is left uninformed or misinformed

Any team that is not on the required pace, you find them doing duplicate work, taking misinformed decisions and passing wrong information to the customer. A News and notification feature will keep all the field staff on the same page with required information.

  1. You witness poor operational competence

The cumulative effect of all above things like misinformation, mismatches, low productivity, and tracking might end up in poor operational competence. Bringing in a new mobile app would help up an increase in productivity and operational competency by passing on the right information at right time.

6: You are doing well

If you are doing well as a business, this is the right time to invest in Salesforce automation software. It’s the right time to skyrocket your growth with the leverage of mobile technology.

KOOPS, a personal Assistant to your Field Staff

We are living in an age where everyone is seeking digitization from small business owners to large governments. This new tendency of seeking convenience, comfort and luxury is changing the way business has been done.  And this new trend of digitization and mobilization is solving so many problems in a much bigger sense.

If we dig deeper into our life so many small needs have been digitized such as quick interactions with family, friends and work, weather reports, sports updates, day to day news, mails, making todo lists, finding places on maps etc.  We literally need an assistant to help us out in all our above tasks. Thanks to the mobilization that we got this new Assistant who assists us in all this needs and provides critical day-to-day information to increase our productivity.

Since Personal Assistant is so helpful which makes our life easier, field staff having smart phones also wish for an assistant that can remind him of his day to day activities, their targets, news and notifications, product and transaction related information. They need this assistant to prepare their reports and make their work easier and faster.

KOOPS acts as a personal assistant to your field staff, which help them perform their day to day activities on time.  KOOPS makes sure that field staff have all the information they need to keep them on track and give them productive insights on their work.

Following are the benefits to Field Staff if they use, KOOPS as their personal Assistant:

  •       Get regular alerts to meet their targets
  •       Automatic DSR and Daily Activity Report Generation
  •       Gets notifications on various stages of order processing
  •       Important news and notifications from company’s side.
  •       Up to date Product and Customer details.

Get the KOOPS to help your field force increase their productivity and focus on their sales. For free Demo please click here.

Tracking Sales Staff/Rep, Service and Marketing Staff in Real Time

Tracking your employees or anyone in fact is not very ethical if your motive is to control how they perform on the field.

But, if your motive is to automize reporting, increase productivity, provide them enough information of your products, stock and customers, increase transparency and give them a personal Assistant then it’s a very viable and non ethical thought.

What is the best way to track the staff in most efficient manner?

Sales staff tracking is not about tracking their email or where they are going.

The motive of tracking sales team is to achieve the optimum output from them by providing the tools, which will enhance their productivity and let them work in peace.

Every month sales rep has to meet so many clients to meet their sales targets. They need some tool, which can plan their meetings, automate their reporting and help managers to ensure the assigned tasks are being completed on time.

This is where KOOPS comes into picture:

Sales Team/Rep, Service and Marketing staff Real-Time Location Tracking

Location tracking of your sales team enables you to plan their day according to their current location and availability.

Customers GEO Tagging:

Field staff can GEO Tag their customers. So in future this data can always be used to arrange best possible paths of travel.

Sales Staff Route Optimisation:

Another great feature one can use with employee tracking solution is Route Optimisation for the sales team.

With route optimization managers can plan an optimized route for their sales team to follow via Beat Plan covering all the meetings for the day.

This will not only save their time, but it will also save money and resources for the company as now the on-field sales team can enhance their productivity and can also save the fuel cost incurred to the company.

With real-time reporting feature managers will always know how many meetings were done by their on-field sales staff from the assigned Beat Plan.

In short, the most important aspect of Sales Team Tracking is to provide the necessary tools to the sales teams to accomplish more tasks in shorter time span and enabling their managers to report and observe their team performance in real-time.